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Penis Extender Spare Parts
Tension Springs
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Upgrade Kit
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Deluxe Comfort Silicon Straps
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Penis Pumps
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Big Man's Pump 12
Bullfighter Pump
Grand Prix Stroker Pump
Jackmatic Max PowerPro Vacuum Pump
Max Results Pump
Penis Enlarger Black
Penis Enlarger Red
Plunger Pump
Power – The Ultimate Vibrating Pump
Power Pump
PowerGrip Pump
Pump Worx Accu-Meter Power Pump
Pump Worx Beginner's Power Pump
Pump Worx Beginner's Vibrating Pump
Pump Worx Deluxe Vibrating Power Pump
Pump Worx Digital Power Pump
Pump Worx Load Warrior Pump
Pump Worx Max-Precision Power Pump
Pump Worx Max-Width Penis Enlarger
Pump Worx Mini Head Teazer
Pump Worx Penis Head Enlarger
Pump Worx Rookie of the Year Pump
Pump Worx Sure-Grip Power Pump
Pump Worx Vibrating Sure-Grip Pump
Pump Worx Vibrating Waterproof Suction-Cup Pump
Quick Draw Vacuum Pump
Robo Suck 2
Titan Enlargement Pump
Wall Bangers Vibrating Pump

Combos & Upgrade Kits
Spare Parts Combo 1
Spare Parts Combo 2
Universal Upgrade Kit
Small Size Upgrade Kit
Quad Support Upgrade Kit

Straps & Pads
Four Comfort Straps
Four Noose Harnesses
Comfort Strap Foam Pads
Noose Harness Foam Pads
Original Gauze Pads

Regular Extension Bars
One Third Inch Bars
Half Inch Bars
One Inch Bars
Two Inch Bars
Three Inch Bars

Gold Extension Bars
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One Inch Bars
Two Inch Bars
Three Inch Bars

Other Parts
Base Assembly
Girth Base

Adonis Extension
Extension 1.5"
Extension 2"
Extension 3"
Extension 4"
Futurotic Penis Extender
Happy Top Tickler Cage
Invisi-Rider Enhancer
Penis Extension 2" Xtra Thick
Penis Extension 4" Xtra Thick Black
Power Rock Vibrating Cock Tickler
Reversible Sleeve Clear
Senso Sleeves
Stud Extender
Super Stretch Silicon Sleeve – Clear
Support Plus Head Exciter
Ultimate Cock Cage
Vibrating 'O' Plus
Vibrating 'O' Sleeve

Penis Enlargement Products

There is a wide range of penis enlargement products available in today's modern market, ranging from penis enlargement pumps, male enhancement pills, penis extenders, penis enlargement creams, as well as, patches and oils. With such a wide variety of penis enlargement products, selecting the one that will work for you can sometimes be a confusing decision. More often than not, your selection should be dependent on the results and size you can achieve from a penis enlargement product.

At X4 Labs, you can find a variety of penis enlargement products and brands, all which have been proven to be effective. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to help you in making your decision. With a knowledgeable staff taking the responsibility of helping you out with your decision-making, you will definitely find the best product for you.

Commonly Used Penis Enlargement Products:

The Penis Enlargement Devices

There are a number of different penis enlargement devices; each designed to provide you with a particular benefit, ranging from penis enlargement, to improved erections. We offer a wide variety of penis enlargement devices; here is a list of our most popular penis enlargement products:

  • Male Enhancement Cage

  • Girth Enhancement Ring

  • Penis Exercise Massager

These penis enlargement products and devices have all been scientifically proven to provide an increase in penis size, improve erections, as well as improve overall sexual pleasure and stamina.

Male Enhancement Pills

The next best thing available on the market for penis enlargement is a male enhancement pill. Sinrex is the only male enhancement pill that has been doctor endorsed and is 100% safe, with no side effects!

The results:

  • Better, Stronger, Larger Erections
  • Increased Sexual Stamina
  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Extra Length and Girth

The all-natural ingredients are powerful and highly effective, ensuring fantastic results.


Masturbators are not necessarily effective for penis enlargement, but they can be used to help improve sexual stamina. We offer a number of masturbators that offer different textures and sensations, such as our Masturbation Sleeve and Ribbed Masturbator. Knowing that you can last longer and have improved sexual stamina, you will have the confidence for any situation.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are mainly used for improving the blood circulation to and from the main cavities of the penis. The principle used in most penis pumps, is to create a seal and then use vacuum pressure, forcing blood into the penis. The penis pump is a great and natural way to help in treating erectile dysfunction as well as to increase erectile strength.

Penis pumps, which are also known as penis enlargement pumps have also been known to help temporarily increase penis size. We offer a number of penis pumps which use different mechanisms to create vacuum pressure, including pressurize pumps, and electric pumps.

You can select from a wide variety of penis enlargement products, including male enhancement pills, penis extenders, and penis pumps, all designed to help increase your overall penis size!

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