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What the Doctors Say About Penis Enlargement

Clinically Proven Penis Extender

The X4 Labs penis extender is recommended and prescribed by doctors worldwide, as a non-surgical alternative for penis enlargement, as well as for use in post penile surgery treatments. It is a natural, safe and effective penis enlargement method, that is also medically certified, and CE Approved as a Class 1 Medical Device. It has received recommendations from a variety of urologists and physicians around the world.

No other penis extender, or penis enlargement product has undergone such rigorous quality standards as the X4 Labs penis extender. Our penis enlargement device is used every day by doctors in the United States, Europe and Canada. X4 Labs is the most trusted brand and manufacturer of penis stretchers, ensuring all of our products reach medical standards.

* Please note that results may vary by individual and by exercise regime.

Doctor Approved Penis Enlargement

Dr. Stephen X. Giunta, M.D.

Recommended in the United States

Dr. Stephen X. Giunta
  • Accreditation: Certified Plastic Surgeon

  • Location: Virginia, United States

  • Medical Institution: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery International

  • Position: Chief of Aesthetic Surgery

  • Website:

Overview: Dr. Giunta is one of the foremost aesthetic surgeons in the United States and focuses on the fields of girth, length, and male sexual enhancement. With over 33 years of surgical experience on both men and women, Dr. Giunta is familiar with the importance of sexual health. Dr. Giunta is also certified by three medical boards and featured in numerous peer reviewed publications.

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich

Recommended in Europe

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich
  • Accreditation: Certified Urologist

  • Location: Moscow, Russia

  • Medical Institution: National Medical Surgical Center of Russia

  • Position: Chief of Department of Urology

  • Website:

Overview: Dr. Petrovich is one of the leading urologists in Europe with over 20 years of surgical, and clinical experience. As a certified urologist for the National Medical Surgical Center of Russia, Dr. Petrovich is involved in the technological development of urological medicine. Dr. Petrovich is a strong supporter of the penis stretcher as an alternative to penis enlargement surgery.

Penis Extender Differences

A Letter About Penis Extenders by Dr. Ruslan Petrovich

Basically all the penis extenders vary in only one point – the method of fixation. The rest of differences concerns constructive and engineering properties of bars and bundling, they are of no particular importance.

The noose based penis extenders of penis are considered to be “classic”. These extenders differ only in ways of bar’s extension and fixation. Noose based penis stretchers are the most commonly used, but sometimes problems might occur while using them. Usually it depends on anatomical features of penis - small glands, levelled coronary sulcus, or initial stage of phimosis. In these cases patients sometimes cannot fix the extender to the body of the penis and successfully use the device, because of excessive compression or sliding of the penis glands.

To make the use of penis extenders more comfortable and to make the application of maximal extension safe, a hybrid support system penis extender was recently developed by a Canadian research and development firm. This type of fixation (i.e. comfort strap) helps to make the use of the penis extenders more comfortable, because the extender is fixed in place with an elastic silicon strap over comfort pads; it minimizes the risk of damaging the foreskin or over-compressing the glands.

Besides, these penis extenders are safely fixed on the penis even with the maximal extension applied, since a strap is in contact with the skin on a much wider area than a noose would be. The strap extenders are the recommended extender for both non-circumcised and circumcised patients. But in some cases, when the patient’s foreskin is too long or flabby, such extender might slide down, because it is difficult to cover a long foreskin fully with padding.

Regularly, to decide upon the kind of extender a patient should consult a specialist and try the device on. The X4 Deluxe Extender with its unique Hybrid Support System allows an individual to have access to both types of penis extender. For men seeking in home enlargement treatment, the X4 Labs Penis Extender offers a dual support system, proven to be highly successful and efficient.

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