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Peyronie's Treatment

Correct Penile Curvature

Doctor ApprovedPeyronie's Disease is a popular problem that afflicts thousands of men on a daily basis. It can often reduce a man's sexual ability, and in some cases can even make sex painful. The notion of penile curvature or Peyronie's disease was first reported by a French surgeon Francois de la Peyronie in 1743. While are different theories on the actual origins of Peyronie's Disease or penile curvature, the medical consensus, is that it is a result of mild scar tissue and skin plaque formation in penile tissues. The penis extender is one of the most effective alternative treatments for Peyronies. (See Our Product Line)

Treat Peyronies Disease
* Please note that results may vary by individual and by exercise regime.

Peyronie's Disease

Formation of Penile Curvature

A small scar or injury can form on the inside of the penis, gradually developing into a lump and subsequently forcing the penis to curve in one direction. In some instances, symptoms of penile curvature may appear overnight, perhaps after a long night of intercourse. In other cases it may take several months before any symptoms are to appear. Penile curvature may even only appear while erect, however; in extreme cases this can cause severe swelling and/or pain, particularly during sexual intercourse.

Correct Penile Curvature

How to Correct Curved Penis

Penis extenders are one of the most effective methods of naturally correcting penile curvature and reducing symptoms of Peyronie's Disease. By applying a small amount of stress to the shaft of the penis, the penis extender forces scarred tissues to break down and regenerate, removing plaque and correcting penile curvature. It is a clinically proven and doctor recommended method for correction of penile curvature, and no other Peyronie's treatment method is as effective as the penis stretcher or penis extender.

  • Correct Penile Curvature

  • Improve Sexual Performance

  • Eliminate Painful Sexual Experiences

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Peyronie's Surgery

Expensive and High Risk

While surgery options for Peyronie's disease are available, like any penile surgery, it is high risk and typically very expensive. The penis extender is a particularly effective and economical alternative to dangerous Peyronies surgery. A penis extender can be used comfortably in your own home, and can correct up to 99% of penile curvature. When used in conjunction with our Vitamin E Boost formula, results are enhanced even further.

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