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Dr. Giunta and Dr. Petrovich have recommended X4 Labs devices to treat their patients. Countless others have studied the benefits of penile traction therapy as a promising, surgery-free treatment for penis enlargement and Peyronie’s Disease curvature.

Dr Giunta
Dr. Stephen Giunta, M.D.

Accreditation: Certified Plastic Surgeon Location: Virginia, United States
Medical Institution: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery International
Position: Chief of Aesthetic Surgery Website: www.drgiunta.com
Overview: Dr. Giunta is one of the foremost aesthetic surgeons in the United States and focuses on the fields of girth, length, and male sexual enhancement. With over 33 years of surgical experience on both men and women, Dr. Giunta is familiar with the importance of sexual health. Dr. Giunta is also certified by three medical boards and featured in numerous peer reviewed publications.

Dr Petrovich
Dr. Ruslan Petrovich, M.D.

Accreditation: Certified Urologist Location: Moscow, Russia
Medical Institution: National Medical Surgical Center of Russia
Position: Chief of Department of Urology Website: www.androdoctor.ru
Overview: Dr. Petrovich is one of the leading urologists in Europe with over 20 years of surgical, and clinical experience. As a certified urologist for the National Medical Surgical Center of Russia, Dr. Petrovich is involved in the technological development of urological medicine. Dr. Petrovich is a strong supporter of the penis stretcher as an alternative to penis enlargement surgery.

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