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Frequently Asked Questions

Penis Extender Q&A

Many of our clients often have the same questions about penis extenders and penis enlargement. To make it easy for you we have provided you with a brief list of commonly asked questions on our penis extenders and penis enlargement products. If you don't think that your question has been answered here, please feel free to contact us toll-free at 1-866-851-8858, and one of our customer service agents will be happy to assist you.

Is Shipping Discreet?

Yes. We offer 100% Discreet Shipping!

All orders are discreetly shipped with variable length extension bars, comfort straps, comfort padding, an instructional manual, video tutorial and a lifetime warranty. Depending on the model various additional spare parts, accessories, and bonus products are included. (See Our Product Line)

Does the Penis Extender Increase Width?

Yes. It can Increase Both Length and Girth!

There is a common misconception that the penis extender may only increase penis length. The X4 Labs penis extender can successfully increase both penis length and girth by effectively inducing cellular division and increasing the size of internal cavities of the penis.

* Please note that results may vary by individual and by exercise regime.

Does the Penis Extender Correct Penile Curvature?

Yes. Penile Curvature can be Corrected

Yes. The X4 Extender has been proven effective in straightening the penis of men who suffer from Peyronie's disease, a condition caused by inflammation and scarring of the penis. Patients can anticipate improvement of curvature, in some cases up to 90%, without the need for any surgical procedure.

* Please note that results may vary by individual and by exercise regime.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. A 1 year Satisfaction Guarantee.

Yes. We offer a simple 1 year Satisfaction Guarantee on Deluxe, Gold and Premium Models. If for any reason you are not satisfied after this period, please email our support staff or place a return ticket to return the extender for a full refund, minus shipping charges and bank processing fees.

Do I Need a Prescription?

No. A Prescription is Not Required.

No, medical consultation is not required prior to using the device. The X4 Labs penis extender comes with an instructional manual and video to assist you on how to use the device safely and effectively. We also offer an online forum where users can post any questions they might have.

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