X4 Labs™ How It Works for Safe Effective Penis Enlargement Results

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X4 Labs™ How It Works

Penis enlargement via traction therapy.
Gentle tension applied over time can significantly increase your length and girth.

Comfort is key for penis stretching.
We provide the world’s most comfortable take-home penis enlargement stretcher program.
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No penis left behind.Our Quad Support and Wide Girth Base add-ons ensure penises of all shapes and sizes, and even those suffering from micro-penis can fit into an extender and enjoy all the same benefits.
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high-tension-springs-penis-extenderThe Strongest Spring Tension
Bolster your results with fully adjustable tension.
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Join over 20,000 users on the Penis Enlargement Forum.
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Call us toll-free for expert advice at 1-866-851-8858.
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