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Penis Extender Hardware

Upgrade Kit
Upgrade Kit
Spares Package
spare parts kit 1
Upgrade Kit
Deluxe Comfort Silicon Straps
Custom Loop Fastener "Velcro"
Base Assembly
Girth Base
Memory Foam Comfort Padding
2 x 1/3 Inch Elongation Bars
2 x 1 Inch Gold Elongation Rods
2 x 2 Inch Gold Elongation Rods
2 x 3 Inch Gold Elongation Rods
Precision Machined and Engineered Elongation Bars
Precision Machined and Engineered Elongation Bars
Precision Machined and Engineered Elongation Bars
Precision Machined and Engineered Elongation Bars
Plastic Support
Upgrade Kit

Penis Extender Hardware

Penis extenders are non-surgical medical devices that have been developed for providing safe and effective penis enlargement. According to modern day medical research and advanced technologies, penis extenders are specially designed to improve the size of the penis and eliminate problems with penile curvature.

The X4 Labs penis extender offers an increased level of support and comfort. While most penis extenders offer silicon tubing, advanced penis extenders, like the X4 Labs device, use both these technologies to give you the best possible results.

Penis extenders have with different types of spare parts as well that might be required for use from time to time. As a penis extender is made up of different parts, you may want to change its parts over time, or may require additional parts as you grow.

Most Common Penis Extender Hardware:

3600g Tension Springs

These are specially designed 3600g tension springs that can provide the highest as well as the safest possible level of tension. These tension strings can be used for improving the size and efficiency of the penis extender. Traction springs are moderately priced spare parts and can drastically improve the speed of results.

Quad Support Universal Upgrade Kit

This is a 4-in-1 system that uses same of the most advanced methods for penis extension. The exclusive design and ease of use with the combination of multiple methods of support, ensures faster results and effortless use. This kit helps in alleviating majority of the problems associated with cheaper type penis extenders, including preventing slippage and discomfort.

Universal Upgrade Kit

X4 Labs has come up with the uniquely designed Universal Upgrade Kit that uses the Comfort Strap technology. It helps in improving the flow of blood, which is the blood circulation to the penis and increases the overall efficiency of the treatment regimen.

The Universal Upgrade Kit can be used on most major brands of penis extender and is 100% safe and effective.

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