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Penis Pumps

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Penis Pumps

The male enhancement industry has been thriving on different types of penis enlargement products and devices, and penis pumps are just another addition to it. Unique in design, easy to use and very handy, these penis pumps are created to augment the size of the penis and to give you a stronger erection.

What are Penis Pumps?

Penis pumps are one of the few options that can actually help in treating erectile dysfunction, which is basically an inability to maintain a strong erection. Often known as a vacuum constriction device or a vacuum pump, these penis pumps consist of a plastic tube to fit over the penis, multiple rubber constriction bands, and in some cases, a battery-powered pump. While many pumps are usually hand-held, more modern penis pumps now have a battery powered and remote controlled pump.

Using penis pumps has become one of the most successful natural strategies for treating erectile dysfunction when compared to prescription medication. For people who do not want to opt for a penile implant surgery, penis pumps are definitely a good choice. Using a penis pump will also help in maintaining the size of the penis and regular sexual functions.

Four Types of Penis Pumps Available on the Market Today

The Squeeze Ball

The squeeze is the commonest types of penis pumps used in the world today. It is quite similar to a rubber squeeze ball that can be used for pumping up blood pressure and is attached to the air valve, which is further attached to the tubes. When the air valve is closed, the ball can be squeezed to remove air from the tubes, thus creating vacuum. The more you squeeze the more stronger suction effect you get. In order to release pressure, just open the air valve.

The Handgrip Penis Pump

Often considered as the best of all penis-pumping devices, the handgrip penis pump is extremely popular. It works very much the same way as any other penis pumps or vacuum creators, but the handgrip ensures better pressure regulation and an easier grip.

The Electric Penis Pump

Electric penis pumps offer all the essentials that a more advanced penis pump could give you. These devices offer fully-regulated suction and several other setting to give you a hands-free pumping exercise that can enhance your penis to give you a stronger erection.

Why are Penis Pumps Used?

Penis pumps are used mainly for treating erectile dysfunction while making the penis longer and stronger. It is recommended for use in older men who have been through a prostate surgery. Although there are many ways of treating these problems, including erectile dysfunction supplements and oral medications penis pumps are used when these medications fail to produce results or end up producing too many side effects than the real results.

Benefits of Penis Pumps

  • Penis pumps have no side effects and are less complicated to use.

  • Penis pumps are a cost effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

  • These are non-invasive devices that make it easier to use and less painful.

  • Penis pumps can be used together with other male enhancement treatments.

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