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What is Peyronie’s Disease?

About 5% of men are affected by Peyronie’s Disease, to various degrees. This connective tissue disorder attacks the soft tissue of the penis, causing the growth of fibrous, scar-like plaques. The result is a penis with a moderate to severe curvature when erect, which can impede and sometimes completely prohibit normal sexual activity. The X4 Labs Peyronies and Peyronies Pro Editions are designed to act as penis straighteners for this condition.

Treat Peyronies Disease
* Please note that results may vary by individual and by exercise regime.

The X4 Labs Extender

While surgery has always been an option for treatment of Peyronie’s Disease, it comes with significant costs and risks. Clinical studies have shown that using a CE-Certified Penis Extender from X4 Labs can be an effective way to treat the symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease.

Peyronies Premium Edition
X4 Labs Deluxe Edition Extender
ONLY $174.99
Regular Price $699.95
Peyronies Pro Edition
X4 Labs Luxury Edition Extender
ONLY $324.99
Regular Price $1299.95

Get Some Traction

Penis Extenders work by applying traction to the penis, forcing the body into its natural response, cell division. What can help grow the penis longer helps it get straighter. The X4 Labs Penis Extenders use specially calibrated tension springs to promote results.

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Treatment Packages Start at Under $125!

Avoid Surgery

Undergoing surgery and recovering from it can be a long, painful process. You could enjoy improvements to your Peyronie’s Disease symptoms quickly.

X4 Labs InfiniteFit Support System

Don’t suffer needlessly.

With X4 Labs’ memory foam pads and surgical tubing, as well as its available 58-Way Quad Support System, you can ensure a snug, comfortable fit for your penis, whatever its shape and size.

X4 Labs Penis Extender really is the best choice to treat Peyronie’s Disease. Avoid the pain, cost and risks of surgery and opt for the only penis extender that’s been designed for your unique penis. Make the choice of comfort and results!

Doctor Approved

Studied by Doctors

There have been countless studies done by Doctors all over the world testing the efficiency and effectiveness of penile traction therapy for treating Peyronies Disease and the results are in. Below you will find links to some of the more prominent findings in the medical community.


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Treatment Packages Start at Under $125!

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