X4 Labs™ Worldwide Press and Media Coverage

X4 Labs Worldwide Press and Media Coverage

Featured on Numerous News Agencies Worldwide

As one of the premiere penis enlargement and penis extender manufacturers, X4 Labs has received media attention around the globe. Our popular product has sold over 1 million units throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. It continues to grab the attention of doctors and media agencies because of the successful results provided by the penis enlargement device.

The penis extender has been proven effective in numerous clinical studies, and is now prescribed as an alternative to penis enlargement surgery. The X4 Labs penis extender has been particularly successful, and has subsequently been featured on Yahoo News, Reuters, Canada.com, CBS, ABC, and much more! Why has X4 Labs received so much media attention? It is simple, the penis extender really works and millions of men have improved their sexual standards of living.

X4 Labs is the most trusted brand name of penis enlargement products, and continues to strive for excellence in product development. Our customer driven approach ensures that you receive high quality, and effective penis enlargement products that you can trust!

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Below you will find just a few of the premiere news organizations that have covered the X4 Labs brand. The success of our penis extender is unrivaled, and men continue to use it as an alternative or natural health solution for penis enlargement. These news organizations have featured X4 Labs because of its tremendous success rate.


International Media Coverage

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X4 Labs has been featured in news articles worldwide and has received attention in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. The tremendous spurt in media attention has been a result of our ongoing goal of providing cutting edge male enhancement and penis enlargement products. Below you will find full samples of the articles and media coverage received by X4 Labs.
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Our Most Popular X4 Labs Press Release

Custom Penis Extender Becomes World’s Most Expensive Penis Enlarger

Press Release – For Immediate Release

Authored by Tim Grissle

August 5th, 2009

MONTREAL, Canada – One of the world’s wealthiest Saudi Arabian businessmen recently placed a custom order for what is now considered the world’s most expensive male enhancement device. Made of solid 18kt gold, this adult novelty product is reminiscent of the goods made for dictators, tyrants, and the oil rich of the world.

X4 Labs, a Canadian medical device manufacturer, was selected as the developer of this somewhat unorthodox request and will work alongside Montreal custom jewellers to put together the “Rolex” of male novelty devices . Typically, a medical traction device retails for between $200 to $400, however; this custom male enhancement device will reach over a $35,000 price tag. The order includes a bezel set with over 40 full cut diamonds, several rubies and a completely solid gold structure.

Company representatives have indicated that the identity of the Saudi Arabian national would not be revealed. Frank Clementine stated – “Our customers are always granted the utmost privacy, however; we are extremely pleased to have been selected to develop this device.” It is uncertain as to whether this will become a trend, however; X4 Labs does intend on continuing to provide qualified patients and/or customers with the ability to custom design their male novelty devices.

Product coordinator Matt West is convinced that there is a demographic that is willing to pay for lavish medical devices for their private areas. “Whether it be dictators, politicians, oil rich middle easterners, or successful businessmen, they are willing to pay good money to spoil themselves.” There is something tremendously selfish about the male ego, and subsequently orders for $35000 may become the norm for companies like X4 Labs.

Defying the ongoing economic crisis, $35,000 shows that some are still able to afford the lavish purchases of the rich and famous. This male health accessory is the most expensive traction device ever produced and will likely become a historical bench mark for the adult novelty industry.

While Saudi Arabian laws prevent the import of adult novelty products, the X4 Labs device is actually a medical device that is FDA Registered as well as CE Certified. The X4 Labs device has also been adopted by doctors in the United States, Canada, and Europe. This delivery will also be made using an insured armoured transport to ensure the safe and secure arrival of the rather expensive male enhancement device. Further inquiries on the custom made device can be made by contacting X4 Labs Inc. via telephone at 1-866-851-8858.

Contact Information:

X4 Labs Inc.
100 Chemin de Lotbinière #240
Vaudreuil-Dorion, Canada J7V 7P9
Toll Free: 1 (866) 851-8858

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