Big Man’s Pump 12 Inch

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Men of all sizes can require the use of a penis pump, and this is why we are proud to offer the Big Man’s Pump 12″, featuring an oversized 12″ long, 2.5″ diameter cylinder! The Big Man’s Pump, by California Exotic, comes standard with 3 interchangeable sleeves designed to accommodate men of any girth. The cylinder is constructed of clear, high-quality ABS, while the hose and pumping bulb are of PVC; the sleeves themselves are made of TPE, or high-performance thermoplastic elastomers.

The Big Man’s Pump has been scientifically designed and engineered to help boost your erections; use it for bigger, longer, stronger and definitely harder erections than ever before, thanks to its superior vacuum seal. Big Man’s Pump 12″ also features an easy-to-use quick release valve to let you enjoy your bigger penis. Penis pumps have been successfully used to increase penis size, supercharge your sexual stamina and endurance, and even help treat erectile dysfunction in a natural, pleasant and non-invasive way.

Big Man’s Pump 12″ is the pump you need to help you achieve your enlargement goals, and will work faster than you expected, whether or not it is used in conjunction with an advanced stretching device. Please note that color may vary.

  • Oversized 12″ long cylinder
  • Interchangeable sleeves accommodate all girths\
  • Quick release valve
  • Precise penile measurement system on cylinder
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