Plunger Pump

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The principle behind penis pumps doesn’t need introductions; it has proven its mettle over the years through many scientific studies, as well as countless examples of empirical evidence. Penis pumps create a vacuum, or a pressure differential around the shaft and head of the penis, forcing an increased volume of blood in it, thus increasing both its length and girth.

This Red Penis Enlarging Pump features a red impact-resistant plastic cylinder, big enough in length and diameter to accommodate most men. It has a soft latex-like ring at the bottom in which to insert the penis which helps secure a tight vacuum seal, making each squeeze of the pump count more! The easy-to-squeeze pumping bulb is attached to the cylinder through a crimp-resistant flexible plastic hose, and features a push-button valve release system, something normally only found on much more expensive penis pumps, and that allows for the immediate freeing of your penis for immediate action!

Whether you use a penis pump for penis enlargement, to benefit from added stamina and sexual endurance or even to help treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, the Penis Enlarger Red Penis Pump is a product that will more than fulfill your expectations! Please note that color may vary.

  • Attractive color scheme
  • Push-button quick-release valve
  • Easy to use, classic design
  • Boosts penis size and sexual stamina
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