PowerGrip Pump

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The use of a vacuum-inducing penis pump is a method of enhancing the size of your penis that is tried, tested and true, and with the awesome power of the PowerGrip Pump in your hands, you really have not excuse not to increase the size of your penis and boost your sexual stamina and endurance!

PowerGrip Pump features a state-of-the-art, classical design that has already proven its mettle; its clear and seamless impact-resistant ABS cylinder measures 9” long by 2.1” in diameter, more than enough to accommodate most penis sizes. Also made of ABS is the hand-pump itself, featuring a powerful, full-fist PowerGrip to let you achieve a results-inducing vacuum faster and more effectively than ever before. The PowerGrip Pump also has flexible rubber ‘donut’, or sleeve, which helps achieve the seal so important to a great pump. Like all quality penis pumps, the PowerGrip Pump has a quick-release valve designed for both safety and for the enjoyment of your new, oversized penis!

PowerGrip Pump comes with a supply of personal lubricant, enhancing the seal, as well as a Guardian erection enhancing ring designed to trap blood in the penis, maintaining your results for extended periods of time.

  • Full-fist PowerGrip action pump
  • Rubber seal for enhanced vacuum
  • Clear ABS cylinder
  • Includes erection-saving ring and lubricant
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