Pressurized Penis Pump

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The pressurized penis pump by Top Gauge™ is the leading penis pump on the market for accuracy and performance. This heavy duty penis pump uses an industrial pressure gauge to give you the most control over your erections. Top Gauge™ is an effective tool for correcting premature ejaculation and achieving penis enlargement.

The ergonomic design of Top Gauge™ features a pistol-grip pump handle and flared cylinder base. With the pistol-grip penis pump handle you have ultimate pressure control and a quick release safety trigger that you can conveniently use with one hand. The Top Gauge™ pressurized penis pump has a flared cylinder base for maximum comfort with a latex coating for maximum performance.

The Top Gauge™ penis pump uses a 7 ½” pressurized chamber with a frosted finish to achieve superior erections every time. This is a very powerful and safe pressurized penis pump. Top Gauge™ provides superior quality and performance for those who want the best in penis enlargement technology.

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