Universal Mini Quad Support Upgrade Kit

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Compatible & guaranteed to fit ALL penis extender name brands.

Have you had difficulty fitting into other penis extenders? Most penis extender brands do not accommodate for men who have a penis of less than 4 inches long when flaccid. The unfortunate part is that men who often wish to use a penis extender will need a device that supports their smaller size.

X4 Labs™ spent several years developing the Smaller Size Support Piece in order to develop a penis enlargement product that would be effective on men who were not well endowed. The end result was a fully adjustable support piece that can fit even the smallest penis sizes.

This Smaller Size Upgrade Kit is compatible with most major brands, and allows men who are less than 4 inches flaccid to be able to use a penis extender. While other penis extenders are not compatible with a micro-penis, the Smaller Size Upgrade Kit will allow for use of the device even if you have a penis 1 inch and under while flaccid. You can also experience all the benefits of our Comfort Strap Technology, including reduced slippage, and superior comfort.

So what is included with a Smaller Size Upgrade Kit? Everything you need to convert your existing penis extender, regardless of brand, is included. Your penis extender will become fully adjustable and allow for usage regardless of penis size.

  • 1 Set of Conversion Elongation Rods
  • 1 Smaller Sized Penis Extender Support Mount (Mini / Quad)
  • 2 Penis Extender Comfort Straps
  • Instructional Pamphlet

Compatibility: X4 Labs™ recognizes the importance of comfort in the enlargement or treatment process. If you have noticed discomfort while using silicon-tube based extenders, use our Upgrade Kit in order to incorporate Comfort Strap technology in to your existing penis extender. The X4 Labs™ Upgrade Kit is compatible with 99% of all penis extenders available.

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