Wall Bangers Vibrating Pump

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Improving on the design of such an effective and powerful product as the penis pump is difficult, if not impossible, but that’s exactly what the folks designing the Wall Bangers Vibrating penis pump did, incorporating a powerful penis pump with a vibrating function and solid flat-surface adherence possibilities so you can enjoy the power and suction of Wall Bangers in a completely hands-free operation!

The Wall Bangers vibrating pump incorporates a clear, impact-resistant cylinder with a latex jelly base for a perfect seal and maximum suction, and topped with a high-quality suction cop to install the Wall Bangers penis pump on any flat surface, such as a wall, in the shower, or even the refrigerator! The Wall Bangers penis pump features a crimp-resistant PVC hose and an easy to squeeze PVC bulb to achieve maximum suction, and like all quality penis pumps, has a quick-release valve both for safety and to let you enjoy your enlarged penis as quickly as possible. The Wall Bangers vibrating penis pump requires 1 ‘AA’ battery (not included) for its vibrating function, and is of course completely waterproof.

The Wall Bangers Vibrating Penis Pump offers all you would expect from a high-quality vacuum penis pump, and much more; it will satisfy your requirements, whether for enlargement, stamina, or even erectile dysfunction treatment purposes. Please note that colors may vary.

  • Partial hands free operation
  • Can be installed on any flat surface
  • Waterproof, vibrating capabilities
  • Quick-release valve
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