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X4 Labs Deluxe Edition

X4 Labs™ Deluxe Edition

Our Deluxe Edition comes with a variety of accessories specifically designed to increase penis size quickly and effectively. The best part is your device can grow and adjust to your size and shape as you progress.

Only $89.99
Regular Price $359.95
You Save 75% ($269.96)
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User Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (43)
Additional Options
Increases comfort for faster results!
Upgrade your extender to support Double Comfort Straps, Double Velcro Straps, Double Silicone Tubes and any combination of them you choose!
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What's in the Deluxe Edition Box?

  • Deluxe Edition Penis Extender
  • Hybrid Support Piece
  • Specially Calibrated 3000 Gram Tension Springs
  • 4 Adjustable Comfort Straps
  • 4 Silicone Tube Harnesses
  • 2 Short Memory Foam Pads
  • 4 Long Memory Foam Pads
  • Full Set of Elongation Bars
  • Deluxe Branded Box
  • 6 Cleansing Wipes
  • X4 Labs $50 OFF Gift Voucher
  • 1 Year Device Warranty
  • X4 Labs Extender Instruction Manual
  • X4 Labs Instructional DVD
This device is made to fit any size between 4 to 12 inches.
For lengths of 1 to 3.9 inches please add the Mini Support or InfiniteFit System.
Starter Edition Extender

Our Deluxe Edition will
enlarge as you do and
features our famous
Comfort Strap Fasteners.

Everything you need to feel the same level
of comfort throughout your penile traction
therapy. Plus, with a full set of elongation
bars this device is sure to grow with you.

Starter Tubes

Feel the difference a perfect fit makes when fastening with our fully adjustable Comfort Straps.

Adjust your Comfort Straps in place with precision and use with Memory Foam Pads for the ultimate snug and cushioned fit.

We have invested 11 years in pursuing the development of an effective medical
product that can permanently add inches to your penis.

Trusted by doctors

Celebrating our
11 year anniversary.


Our devices are a result of over 11 years of research and development. We have used feedback from our users and information from our clinical studies to make our extenders the most effective ever.

Add the innovative
InfiniteFit Quad Support.


Comfort and customization are key to obtaining penile traction therapy results. Add the
InfiniteFit Quad Support System at a reduced price for increased options and slippage reduction.

Backed by our unmatchable guarantee.


Use your device as directed for 6 months within the first year and if you fail to achieve any penis enlargement gains we will give you DOUBLE your Money Back!

What are you waiting for? Penile traction therapy
has never been this comfortable and easy.

Free Penis Extender Offer

Limited Time Only:
Participate in Our Clinical Trial and Get a Full Refund

Getting your X4 Labs Penis Extender for FREE is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply follow the steps below and we will gladly refund your order in exchange for you clinical study data. Once the study is complete the Penis Extender is yours to keep free of charge.

Step One

Order the X4 Labs Penis Extender of Your Choice and Opt-In to Participate

Start by choosing any X4 Labs Penis Extender Edition of your choice. Check "Participate in Clinical Trial" in the options or enter Promo Code "CLINICAL" on checkout to opt-in. Simple as that. X4 Labs Starter Edition not eligible for Clinical Study Participation.

Step Two Graph

Track Your Growth Progress for a Full 6 Months of Usage

Keep record of your length and girth growth by using our simple X4 Labs Progress Tracker online tool. All you have to do is check in once every two days and enter your usage data and measurements. Also, you must include at least one progress photo per week of use. Please note that you have to track use of your device for 6 consecutive months in order to be eligible.

Step Three

Log Your Usage, Add Your Photos and We Will Refund the Cost of Your Device!

The extender and the enlargement results are yours to keep FREE of charge just for helping us research and improve our devices. Follow these steps carefully and in 6 months your device purchase will be refunded no questions asked!

InfiniteFit Support System

X4 Labs™ InfiniteFit Quad Support System

Your Complete Enlargement Solution

Only X4 Labs Extenders feature the InfiniteFit Quad Support option. This allows you to select your ideal comfort regardless of your current penis shape and size. Best of all, it enables you to adjust your extender as you grow with it.

X4 Labs Wider Circumference Base Assembly!

Specially designed for men with larger girth, the girth base will be comfortable and effective for even the largest!

This option is recommended in case you outgrow your regular base. The girth base is made from the same surgical-grade materials as our other extender pieces.

  • 6.5" Circumference
  • Regular Sized Base Included in Package
  • Both Regular Size and Girth Base are included with this option.

Wide Girth Base Specifications
6.5 Inches in Circumference

Regular Base Specifications
5 Inches in Circumference

With the Girth Base, your extender will grow with you. It can be added on as an option with our extender packages at a reduced price of $29.95 or separately at a later date for $69.95.


Personalize Your X4 Extender with Custom Engraving

The X4 Deluxe models are now available with optional engraving.

Simply enter your initials or whatever characters you wish to have engraved and receive a fully customized X4 Extender*.

It's easy, it's affordable and it won't add to your delivery time.

Smaller Support Size Option

Mini Support Mount
Perfect for Small Penises

In an effort to accommodate everyone, X4 Labs has designed a penis extender that is suited for men with smaller than average penises. The X4 Mini Edition is a must for those who may be slightly smaller but still wish to see significant penile gains.

Created for penis sizes of a minimum of 3.9 inches or less flaccid, the X4 Mini is guaranteed to fit even the smallest penis. The specially designed Mini Support Piece, is ideal for users who would feel more comfortable in an extender that is more suited to their needs, although still desiring the gains of up to 40%.

The X4 Labs Mini Support is a great addition for men who are typically smaller than the average size and may not fit in the standard support. It is available on all extender models for an additional $29.95.

  • 1 Smaller Sized Support Option Mount (Mini)
  • 1 Regular Support Piece Included in Package

Your extender will grow with you! The Mini Mount can be switched out easily.

X4 Labs Deluxe Edition Extender Reviews

  • A Perfect Match

    I'm 37 years old and I'm at 3 inches flaccid and 6 inches erect I am more of grower not a shower. I've have had many relationships with extenders over the years. Mostly dysfunctional relationships of trying to find and extender that would accommodate to my size and hoping that it would work. But I have finally, after all these years, met my perfect match. I am still trying to figure out which straps works the best. I don't feel constricted or deprived at all. I wore the extender all day yesterday and it was more comfortable than anything I used before, actually forgot I even had it on.

    Gary R. Birmingham, Alabama
  • Both Flaccid and Erect Results

    I got this device 5 months ago and it has to be the best money spend in my life. I have seen flaccid and erect results and the extension rods are perfect for my size it allows me to increase the size of the extender every 2 weeks helping me maintain a constant pull on my penis.

    Joseph G. Chandler, Arizona
  • 2 Inches After 6 Months

    When my wife told me about this product, I thought it was just another product that was all hype. Well, it's been just 6 Months and I've gain 2 inches! As far as exercising, I do jelquin bit every other day but other than that I do not really do much.

    Donald A. Baltimore, Maryland
  • Fits Great

    I have been using the Deluxe Extender for months, and love it. It fits great and really has solid support. It is the most comfortable Extender I have ever had. I am not very big down there, and have had problems with every other Extender I had because of my small size but I am happy that with this package. I ordered Quad Support, which helped me fit into the device perfectly. I am huge fan of this product! It is pretty true to size, but if you aren't sure which size you'll land on, you might as well upgrade to Quad Support, which will be best for comfort and size.

    William R. Santa Ana, California
  • Good Bang for the Buck

    I looked at many extenders before buying the deluxe and was impressed with all the products that come with this edition. Also it is very refreshing to have American support opposed to all the other companies.

    James K. Portland, Oregon
  • It Works, Go for Luxury

    The Deluxe extender is decent but I wish I got the Gold edition. The gold comes with more stuff and I like the box better. The deluxe is good in terms of results and all but I will be getting the luxury soon it looks much better and I love the gold trim.

    Kenneth E. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Far Superior

    The X4 extender is far superior to other traction devices. X4 Labs answers the phone and listens to their customers. The extender is decently priced and works perfect. I got mine with the 2700G tension springs and I find this is the best way to go to get the fastest results.

    Scott F. Fresno, California
  • This is Magic

    I was always insecure about the width of my penis but after 3 months, I am already noticing huge results. What I liked is how easy it is to use, you just put on the extender and go about your day. I wear mine at the office and nobody notices.

    Charles D. Montreal, Quebec
  • Love this Package

    I love the Deluxe Package! My first thought upon trying it on was "what a great Device!" I am a 5.5 inches flaccid with a light curvature to the left. It is very difficult to find an extender that would help with curvature and size; with this package I am able to extend my penis and at the same time correct my curvature, which is more than enough. I was very happy to find it. I love that it hooks on the back when you use it. The straps make it so that there is no slippage. The front straps are adjustable silicone harnesses. Some people say that they rub, but they don't for me. I highly recommend it!

    Paul W. St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Excellent Extender

    Excellent extender, top quality. Love how many options there are to wear it. If you get the Quad Support System upgrade the possibilities are endless. The only thing I wish is that the deluxe would come with higher tension springs. I ended up ordering the 2700G springs after, much better now.

    Anthony P. Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Great Customizability

    I did a lot of research for an extender before purchasing the deluxe package. One of the reasons I got it is because of the options it gives you to strap to it and because it is so customizable. It also provides you with great support and it is very comfortable.

    Brandon B. San Jose, California
  • Worked for My Husband

    I bought the deluxe package as a gift for my husband. It is a good Package. The doctor recommended it to him after he had Prostate surgery to help him gain what he had lost because of the surgery. It seems to be well made. We don't know much about extenders but it worked out well for us.

    Laura S. Albany, New York
  • Velcro Straps Recommended

    This Extender was highly recommended by a friend of mine. He had recently purchased the same package as I and was seeing very good results from it. He said that his Penis would never slip with the Velcro. I bought a pair of Velcro straps as well with mine. They were great! Unbelievable traction. I think this device has an edge over the rest of the competition.

    Roy L. Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Everything You Need

    Lots of parts and lots of bars that you may need to adjust to your dick size. I can basically fit 3-inch bars, which will make my device 6 inches which fits me great. I recommend this product to all simply because it is well made. And again It comes with everything you might need. Great device!

    Earl T. Syracuse, New York
  • Lives Up to the Hype

    I just received this item as a gift yesterday and decided to use it today. After seeing so many positive reviews, I decided to put it on my gift wish list and I am so happy that I did. Let me start by saying that I have a very thick dick. I used the product along with the wide girth that I ordered with the package. Which allows me to wear the extender perfectly and help me become even thicker and of course, longer as well. That’s why I am very happy I got it.

    Tony V. Nashville, Tennessee
  • Outstanding!

    I bought the Deluxe Package after reading the amazing reviews that it got. I also considered the huge discount I was receiving through the website. I used this Penis extender for the first time for the holiday and let me tell you it is amazing! Would recommend this Package to anyone of any age or ethnic background. You can actually feel it working!

    Lance I. Georgetown, Maine
  • Works Wonders

    This device has worked wonders for me. It has given me more confidence in bed and it has allowed me to see myself in a different light. It has not only helped me with a slight curvature that I had but it had also given me length and girth.

    Steve B. Napa, California
  • Hey Everyone

    I have been using the deluxe package now for about 5 months and let me tell you it has been working great. The parts that I got with my package have been of great quality they have last me for a long time specially the straps. I am happy I got the Deluxe package it gave me 2 strapping mechanism which gives me the option to change between them as I wear the device.

    Jeff R. Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Love this Extender

    I am starting to see results! I haven't been using it for very long but I'm starting to see gains. This helps my curved penis tremendously!!! (I have to remember to take my time sometime I get ahead of myself!) I like the fact that this product is recommend it by doctors and it does not have side effects a lot of other products tend to have.

    Nick P. Morris, Illinois
  • After 3 Months

    I've been using this regularly for about a 3 month now and it started out a little slow, but it's been picking up! Physically, it has me feeling great and size wise even better. The package came with a bunch of accessories, and customer service is phenomenal. Overall, a great experience with this product. I will certainly be purchasing some of their other products as well.

    Michael T. St. Louis, Missouri
  • Try it for Yourself

    I did not actually think that this would work for me but decided to try anyway! I have attained really great results. Will continue until I get where I want to be.

    Charles R. Detroit, Michigan
  • Results So Far

    I love this product. Granted I have not been using it for a long time, but I can feel and see its effects. No negative setbacks to my body and after using for long periods of time no circulation or numbness problems, I can't wait for the outcome!

    Mark W. Conway, South Carolina
  • Wearing it 4 Hours Per Day

    I started using the device 4 hours each day, and now I am able to wear it up to 6-7 hours per day. I will slowly build up to 12 hours per day (which is the maximum you can wear it for). Also customer service is great. This product is something I would recommend to any man who wants an edge.

    Marcus D. Wilmington Delaware
  • Spring Break

    I got this device because I wanted to gain some size and girth before going on spring break to Miami. So maybe I can show some of my improvements to the girls down there. And let me tell you so far the results are amazing I think I will be center of attention.

    Jim H. Naples, Florida
  • Awesome Customer Service

    At first the product didn't seem to be working, but I spoke to a customer service rep and they suggested that I try a different method of securing it. Well, that seemed to do the trick. They later reached out to me to check on my progress. Best customer service ever!

    Ron B. Duluth, Minnesota
  • Just Follow Instructions

    It really works if you follow the instructions. I didn't at first, was only wearing it for 45 minutes per day, which isn't enough for it to work correctly. When I increased my hourly usage I started to see difference instantly. I am very pleased and will continue to use this product and recommend it to my friends. Plus, X4 Labs are very knowledgeable about their products and quite helpful.

    Patrick S. Richland, Washington
  • No Side Effects

    I've tried many things before and the only thing they did was cost me lots of money and cause a lot of side effects. This though, I have no problem with. I've been using it for a 4 months and already gained 1 inch in size!

    Gerald A. Centerville, Ohio
  • Flag Ship Extender

    This product is really a flagship for extenders. There are not side effects and it’s really easy to use. I ended up gaining 2 inches in length and about 1 inch in girth in 8 months. This is pretty significant. I would recommend this product to really anybody who wants to gain size. The hardest part of this device is to remember to take it off.

    Vic T. Chicago, Illinois
  • They Care

    I like the packaging and finish of this product. Feels like they care about what they are selling you. Clear instructions included in the box and I have enjoyed these so far. No side effects. I will continue to use this product, hopefully I could reach 300 hours usage soon.

    Armand O. Tampa, Florida
  • So Far So Good

    I gained about a half an inch in 7 weeks. I spoke with Greg at X4 Labs and he answered all of my questions and was very pleasant. Also I am planning to get some additional accessories and will take advantage of the gift card I was given. Overall great service and great product.

    Deion D. Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Use Since July 2013

    I have been using this product since July 2013. It has helped me in a lot of ways. It has helped me to see erect and flaccid results and it has also helped me correct a curvature problem I had. Don’t get discouraged like some others, all you have to do is wear it.

    Larry W. Gardner, Colorado
  • Doctor Recommended

    This was recommended by my Urologist. He asked me to try this product to see if it would help with some of my health issues. l have tried this product and have been amazed that it delivers as promised. The company has great customer service and provides great post sale support for the device. Thanks for great health items will continue to use your products.

    Martin G. Wickenburg, Arizona
  • 5 on 5

    I rated this 5 out of 5 for a reason people! First off, it was delivered on time (always a plus). I have been using it for only 3 months and have already seen flaccid results! This package comes with everything you need, and most importantly helps with curvature as well. I would DEFINITELY recommend this to anyone wanting to gain some extra inches or even if you are trying to fix your curvature. Cannot rave enough about this product!

    Mike H. New York, New York
  • Super Fast Shipping

    Not only did I receive my order super fast, I started using it right away and can already tell a difference in how I look. Others claimed I had to use it for a very long time but I am already seeing results. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends.

    Jim A. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Unbelievable Results

    The result have been unbelievable. I was skeptical at first, but decided to try. I took a couple of months to notice changes. In just under 5 Months I have gain about 1 inch and half. This is the best product I could have purchased for penis enlargement. I'm really happy about the progress. This product doesn't give me the jitters and has no side effects.

    Dave F. Canton, Ohio
  • Freaking Awesome

    This thing is freaking awesome. My wife has never been happier or more satisfied by my performance in bed but little does she know that I been using the device now for 6 months. Let me tell you it works great.

    Dean M. Los Angeles, California
  • No Extras Required

    I chose this product because I read that this product by itself is enough to gain length and girth without having to do lots of things or buy lots of extras. It really seems to be helping down there. Sometimes in the past I have bought a product and then they say “oh sorry but you need to buy this now” and then this and then something else but thank god with this Deluxe Edition I have exactly what I need all in one box that I can take to work and easily carry around with me.

    Isaac J. Dallas, Texas
  • Results as Promised

    I must admit I was very concerned that this device would not live up to its promises, but I have to honestly say in just 6 months since receiving this device and using it as directed, I have gained almost 2 inches. I was totally amazed and totally stunned with the results. With summer coming I want to get some extra size for the ladies and so I decided to take a chance on this and I hit the jackpot! That’s why I can't believe the results I have gotten from using this awesome extender. Where have you been all my life X4 Labs? Now that I’ve found you I will never let you go. You guys are great!

    Daryl E. Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Solid Product

    I truly did see gains from this. Obviously there are doubts when it comes to products like this but I highly recommend it. They have been in the market for a long time, which means they are reliable, and not a scam.

    Bob W. Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Pain-Free to Wear

    I am 62 years old and I got this product and I love it. I’ve tried other extenders in the past, and they either had no effect at all or were too painful to wear. I can say that this product has helped me improve my size and it has giving me a reason to get back in game.

    Gary T. Foxboro, New England
  • Simply Great

    Okay, I read all the reviews on this product before I bought it and was very sketchy! But when I received the product and tried it, it was great.

    William Z. Sand Diego, California
  • Results as Expected

    It really does the job. Obviously, do not expect to gain 10 inches in 2 weeks, but this product really works over time.

    Sean H. Amarillo, Texas
  • Kick-Start Your Sex Life

    Exactly what I needed to kick start my sexual activity. It produces incredible results that you just can't get anywhere else. Excellent product overall.

    Trenton, New Jersey
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